The O'Nano Range of Toothbrushes  Join the Toothbrush Revolution

Revador O’Nano Series toothbrushes are created with nanotechnology and are the result of more than 10 years of research and development. Revador has reinvented and redesigned the toothbrush to bring a revolutionary product to the market. We believe in bringing advanced technology to the forefront of the oral care industry.

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O'Nano Toothbrushes - unique one piece molded design

One Piece Moulded Design
The patented one piece Revador O’Nano Series moulded design reduces room for bacteria to harbour. Revador bristles are embedded with a nano technology anti-bacterial shield which inhibits microbial growth.

O'Nano Toothbrushes - a superior bristle

A Superior Bristle
The unique Revador O’Nano Series thermoplastic polyurethane bristles are gentle on gums yet remove plaque effectively.

O'Nano Toothbrushes - Better for the planet

Better for the Planet
Compared to conventional bristled toothbrushes, Revador O’Nano Series toothbrushes are manufactured with less waste, create zero toxic residues and are fully recyclable.

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Revador O’Nano Series revolutionary toothbrush technology

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